MOTHERLAND: A Play About Chinese American 雙語話劇

I am thrilled to be part of MOTHERLAND, a bilingual play being featured in Women’s Theatre Festival 2021. Virtual performances to take place on July 16, 17, and 24. Tickets are paid what you can with suggested donation of $10.

我很高興能夠參與一個關於三代華裔對「家」有不同理解的雙語話劇《Motherland 祖國》!《Motherland 祖國》被選為美國婦女戲劇節中的劇目,七月 16 / 17 / 24日 網上放映,中英字幕,免費收看,隨緣樂助。訂購鏈接

Sometimes, families just don’t click. Motherland is about a Chinese American family videochats across literal and metaphorical distances. A college freshman plans to study abroad in China stir up cultural clashes between her assimilated mother and her grandmother. Meanwhile, her father’s secret struggles threaten if she will be able to go at all.


Motherland by Amy Pan and Danielle Cummings of ReNew York. Cast includes 《祖國》演員:

Christine Fang as mom Tiffany 方小怡 飾演 母親婷婷 Tiffany (to be published on 2021.7.6)

Sun Xiaoxiao as father Zhiyang 孫驍驍 飾演 父親 志陽 (to be published on 2021.7.7)

Isabel Chen as daughter Iris 陳韻如 飾演 女兒 Iris (to be published on 2021.7.8)

Carolyn Stoney as BFF Sarah 卡羅琳·斯通尼 飾演 女兒閏蜜 Sarah (to be published on 2021.7.9)

Fanny Lawren as grandma Wenjing 梵影 飾演 外婆芠菁 (to be published on 2021.7.10)

(Credit: All images and English copy are provided by Danelle Cummings and Amy Pan at ReNew York.)

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