MOTHERLAND: Wenjing Played by Fanny Lawren 梵影

Motherland cast: Fanny Lawren as Wenjing! 《Motherland 祖國》是一個關於三代華裔對「家」有不同理解的雙語話劇。劇中 Fanny Lawren 梵影 飾演 Tiffany 的母親 Wenjing 芠菁,她和丈夫辛苦帶着一對子女移民美國,後因誤會,倆老返回中國。她一直渴望女兒多回國探望,可惜事與願違。當她知道外孫 Iris 計劃到中國當交換生時,歡喜若狂,但 Iris 臨行前,女兒家發生事故。 My profile: Besides acting on camera and on stage, Fanny Lawren also develops podcasts and emcees events in Cantonese, Mandarin and English. Fanny used to have a lifestyle show called, “Fun with Fanny” which was… Read More »MOTHERLAND: Wenjing Played by Fanny Lawren 梵影

MOTHERLAND: Sarah Played by Carolyn Stoney

Motherland cast: Carolyn Stoney as Sarah! 《Motherland 祖國》是一個關於三代華裔對「家」有不同理解的雙語話劇。劇中 Carolyn Stoney 飾演 Iris 的閨蜜致友,倆人從出生就一起,彼此了解相助,情同姊妹。可惜她們升讀了不同的大學,分隔兩地,相思很苦。她倆本來計劃一起到中國當交換生,但 Iris 臨行前改變主意。 Carolyn Stoney is a New York based actor and singer. She holds a BA in Theatre from Plymouth State University, she studied abroad at the Gaiety School of Acting, and is a graduate of the NYVC Voice Teacher Training Program.… Read More »MOTHERLAND: Sarah Played by Carolyn Stoney

MOTHERLAND: Iris Played by Isabel Chen 陳韻如

Motherland cast: Isabel Chen as Iris! 《Motherland 祖國》是一個關於三代華裔對「家」有不同理解的雙語話劇。劇中,大學生 Iris 由 Isabel Chen 陳韻如 飾演。Iris 出生於美國俄勒岡州波特蘭,家中獨女,萬千寵愛在一身。大學時候搬到三藩市,那裡華人眾多,環境讓她改變了對華人和中國文化的想法。當她計劃到中國當交換生的時候,才發現原來她一直都被瞞騙。 Isabel Chen is a Taiwanese American NYC-based actor, director, and podcast host of acting asian. She is passionate about storytelling the dimensionality of the AAPI experience and she is currently working on her directorial debut film, Mei-Wan. She hopes to continue… Read More »MOTHERLAND: Iris Played by Isabel Chen 陳韻如

MOTHERLAND: Zhiyang Played by Sun Xiaoxiao 孫驍驍

Motherland cast: Sun Xiaoxiao as Zhiyang! 《Motherland 祖國》是一個關於三代華裔對「家」有不同理解的雙語話劇。劇中,Zhiyang 志陽由 Sun Xiaoxiao 孫驍驍 飾演。志陽很小的時候就跟着父母弟妹一家從中國移民美國,定居俄勒岡州波特蘭。由於家困,志陽沒機會上大學,提早打工賺錢供養家庭。他與 Tiffany 婷婷婚後幸福,生有一女。當女兒 Iris 計劃到中國當交換生的時候,他的秘密就再蓋不住了。 Born and raised in Shenzhen, China, Xiāo moved to NYC in 2013 for an anthropology master degree at Columbia. His path shifted in 2018 – while attending the Edinburgh Fringe, he was intrigued by the intensity and intimacy… Read More »MOTHERLAND: Zhiyang Played by Sun Xiaoxiao 孫驍驍

MOTHERLAND: Tiffany Played by Christine Fang 方小怡

Motherland cast: Christine Fang as Tiffany. 《Motherland 祖國》是一個關於三代華裔對「家」有不同理解的雙語話劇。劇中,Tiffany 婷婷由 Christine Fang 方小怡 飾演。婷婷小時候從中國移民美國,定居俄勒岡州波特蘭,很艱難才適應當地生活。熱愛藝術的她喜歡美國文化,與傳統的母親有點隔膜。當婷婷的女兒 Iris 計劃到中國當交換生的時候,家中發生事故,迫令她對生活重新定位。 Christine Fang is an actor who lives in New York. She’s so excited to be playing Tiffany in Motherland, a character she’s colored in with her own experience as a child of an immigrant. This is also the first time… Read More »MOTHERLAND: Tiffany Played by Christine Fang 方小怡

MOTHERLAND: A Play About Chinese American 雙語話劇

I am thrilled to be part of MOTHERLAND, a bilingual play being featured in Women’s Theatre Festival 2021. Virtual performances to take place on July 16, 17, and 24. Tickets are paid what you can with suggested donation of $10. 我很高興能夠參與一個關於三代華裔對「家」有不同理解的雙語話劇《Motherland 祖國》!《Motherland 祖國》被選為美國婦女戲劇節中的劇目,七月 16 / 17 / 24日 網上放映,中英字幕,免費收看,隨緣樂助。訂購鏈接。 Sometimes, families just don’t click. Motherland… Read More »MOTHERLAND: A Play About Chinese American 雙語話劇

“Help Desk” Featured on Broadway World

“Help Desk,” the live streaming play I am in this weekend, is featured on Broadway World! 今個週末我演出的網上話劇「服務台」,你買票了沒?節扣代碼 2021。

“Help Desk” Live-Streaming Play

I will be in the live-streaming play “HELP DESK” May 14-16. 我下月會在網上直播話劇《服務台》演出,又是一部爆笑喜劇。5月14-16日,CAST A 三場英語,全球可在Zoom上觀看。 Help Desk LIVE ON ZOOM! When you call the help desk, you’re looking for a solution – but your problems might just be beginning. Whether you’re getting shamed about your inability to log in, giving your credit card information to… Read More »“Help Desk” Live-Streaming Play

“12 Incompetent Jurors” Clips – Fanny Lawren as Juror 7

Clips in “12 Incompetent Jurors”Play. Comedy. Live Streaming. 2021.Produced by The AlphaNYC Theatre. Directed by Denise Ivanoff. When a man is accused of abducting half a dozen cats, it’s a simple open-and-shut case. Every scrap of evidence indicts the accused. And yet, one juror believes that the “Cat Burglar” is innocent. Will he be able… Read More »“12 Incompetent Jurors” Clips – Fanny Lawren as Juror 7

“12 Incompetent Jurors” – My First Live-Streaming Play

“12 Incompetent Jurors” My first live-streaming theatre play I will be playing a sweet girl less than half of my real age Check it out March 6-7 EST Invite your friends 《 12個無能陪審員》網上直播話劇,我的第一次!在這爆笑喜劇,我飾演一個女孩,比我真實年齡一半還要少。三場全英語,香港時間 3月7-8日。

“Proof” Clip – Fanny Lawren as Claire

著名《 Proof 求證》話劇,四海劇社改編粵話,在美國紐約公演。劉影.梵影 飾演家姐 Claire. Theatre Play. Drama. Abrons Arts Center NY. 2017.
Produced by Four Seas Players. Directed by Lai Yee Fung. The play concerns Catherine, the daughter of a recently deceased mathematical genius in his fifties and professor at the University of Chicago, and her struggle with mathematical genius and mental illness. . Claire,… Read More »“Proof” Clip – Fanny Lawren as Claire