Christine Fang

MOTHERLAND: Tiffany Played by Christine Fang 方小怡

Motherland cast: Christine Fang as Tiffany. 《Motherland 祖國》是一個關於三代華裔對「家」有不同理解的雙語話劇。劇中,Tiffany 婷婷由 Christine Fang 方小怡 飾演。婷婷小時候從中國移民美國,定居俄勒岡州波特蘭,很艱難才適應當地生活。熱愛藝術的她喜歡美國文化,與傳統的母親有點隔膜。當婷婷的女兒 Iris 計劃到中國當交換生的時候,家中發生事故,迫令她對生活重新定位。 Christine Fang is an actor who lives in New York. She’s so excited to be playing Tiffany in Motherland, a character she’s colored in with her own experience as a child of an immigrant. This is also the first time… Read More »MOTHERLAND: Tiffany Played by Christine Fang 方小怡

MOTHERLAND: A Play About Chinese American 雙語話劇

I am thrilled to be part of MOTHERLAND, a bilingual play being featured in Women’s Theatre Festival 2021. Virtual performances to take place on July 16, 17, and 24. Tickets are paid what you can with suggested donation of $10. 我很高興能夠參與一個關於三代華裔對「家」有不同理解的雙語話劇《Motherland 祖國》!《Motherland 祖國》被選為美國婦女戲劇節中的劇目,七月 16 / 17 / 24日 網上放映,中英字幕,免費收看,隨緣樂助。訂購鏈接。 Sometimes, families just don’t click. Motherland… Read More »MOTHERLAND: A Play About Chinese American 雙語話劇