About Me

Full time: China/US Business Consultant, specialized in Travel, Education, Cultural & Economic Development.
Part time: Blogger / Podcast / Video Producer / Content Developer
Free time: Show Host / Actress / Model  / Event Emcee
Life time: Mother of three / Lifelong Learner

從事:中美顧問 / 資源整合/ 創意策劃,包括 旅遊、教育、文化、政商
副業:博主 / 播客 / 視頻製作 / 媒體創作
業餘:演員 / 模特 / 節目主持 / 活動司儀
全職:孩子母親 / 終生學習


My Journal

Sharing my thoughts. 分享梵思

The Deeper Meanings 深思探討

Life is simple, yet complicated. I write about my thoughts on life in English and Chinese. I welcome discussions.

【 博 客 原 則 】
1. 內容原創:歡迎轉截,請列明來源,提供鏈接。
2. 貫徹學習:與讀者分享交流,互相指教。
3. 真誠公平:以事論事,平常心,求同存異。

“This Is Who We Are”
"This is who we are" -- A song commissioned by Barbados Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley to help Barbadians through the current COVID-19 pandemic.

My videos

Be the role. 代入演繹

My Photos

On the camera. 鏡頭之下

My Projects

What other things? 其他作業

I have been in Asian marketing for 20+ years. I am a consultant to connect businesses with Chinese in the U.S. I work with corporations & government agencies to develop platforms, services and content to engage local and overseas Chinese.


I host a cooking show in Chinese language (Cantonese) which airs in all major Chinese TV stations in the U.S. It shows the younger generation how to use some traditional ingredients such as dried abalone and sea cucumber at home.


I am developing an online channel in both China and the U.S. Topics include travel, education, health and arts. I could use some help. Please contact me if you would like to work with me on this. 


I had produced a documentary TV series about the spiritual odyssey of 12 well-established Chinese American visual artists. The program was aired nationwide in the U.S. It will soon be available online with Chinese and English subtitles.