I Joined SAG-AFTRA 美國演員工會

I started acting in films in October 2019. Shortly after, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S.. The country, the industry, and pretty much the whole world were put on hold for more than a year.

I was lucky. I had the opportunities to get some off-site acting jobs. I did two virtual plays, “12 Incompetent Jurors” and “Help Desk“. I hosted four live streaming cooking shows for Stuyvansant High School. I did script-reading for the SRFF Script Competition. I did a scene recreation of “Crazy Rich Asians” filmed all on Zoom. I picked up some voice over jobs, including Seeds and some still in production. I participated in a Podcast intensive program at BRIC. I even rebuilt my personal website fannylawren.com.


疫情期間,我很幸運有機會接到很多網上的工作,包括演出了兩個網上話劇共六場,主持了四個直播烹飪節目,參與了一個劇本比賽,做了一個全程網上攝製的電影翻版,接了幾個配音項目。我還參加了一個播客密集培訓課程,並抽時間更新了個人網誌 fannylawren.com

Exactly one year later after New York City was closed, I got more regular casting calls, more auditions, more rehearsals, and more filming. I am very blessed.

Last month, I was qualified to join the union of actors, SAG-AFTRA. It was earlier than I expected. Special thanks to Clem Cheung who has been guiding me all long. Clem polished my resume, advised me how to find the casting notices, practiced monologues with me, reviewed my reel. He is my coach and my angel. I am very grateful for his support.

Joining the actor union SAG-AFTRA allows me to get better jobs, better rates, and better benefits. But because union members can only do union productions. The job pool is much smaller than the non-union. Oh well, quality is more important than quantity. Wish me good luck!





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