Updates 近況

“Help Desk” Featured on Broadway World

“Help Desk,” the live streaming play I am in this weekend, is featured on Broadway World! 今個週末我演出的網上話劇「服務台」,你買票了沒?節扣代碼 2021。 https://www.broadwayworld.com/off-off-broadway/article/The-AlphaNYC-Presents-HELP-DESK-Live-On-Zoom-20210510

“Liza Anonymous” World Premiere

Tickets are officially on sale for the Liza Anonymous world premiere at Tribeca Film Festival! The premiere is happening outdoors at The Battery on Saturday, June 12th, 4:30pm EST. 疫情關係,首映在戶外舉行。希望戲院很快可以安全開放。 Link for tickets: https://www.tribecafilm.com/films/liza-anonymous-2021.

At Gotham Podcast Studio

It is so much easier to be interviewee than host or producer. BTW, my podcast pilot show is coming up. Stay tuned! 做受訪問者真爽,比我平日做主持+監製容易得多。我的播客快要試播了,敬請留意!

“Brief Encounter” Clips – Fanny Lawren as Chloe

Clips from “Brief Encounter”Short Film. Drama. 2021.Directed by Dylan Ian Louie. A Short Film depicting an Anti-Asian Assault. Chloe, played by Fanny Lawren, is chased by a racist. She is scared until she is saved by someone she least expects.

“Liza Anonymous” Selected for Tribeca Film Festival

I am thrilled that the short film I acted in, Liza Anonymous, is an Official Selection for the 20th annual Tribeca Film Festival! The festival will be happening in-person in NYC, and Liza Anonymous will have its World Premiere in Downtown Manhattan. More information on in-person and virtual tickets coming soon! 我參與拍攝的電影入選 #翠貝卡電影節!將會作全球首映,是正式電影院,不是網上啊!感謝疫苗!雖然我只是超小角色,但也很高興啊! Starring:Liza: @deebeckMilton:… Read More »“Liza Anonymous” Selected for Tribeca Film Festival

“Help Desk” Live-Streaming Play

I will be in the live-streaming play “HELP DESK” May 14-16. 我下月會在網上直播話劇《服務台》演出,又是一部爆笑喜劇。5月14-16日,CAST A 三場英語,全球可在Zoom上觀看。 https://www.facebook.com/events/946570579470323 Help Desk LIVE ON ZOOM! When you call the help desk, you’re looking for a solution – but your problems might just be beginning. Whether you’re getting shamed about your inability to log in, giving your credit card information to… Read More »“Help Desk” Live-Streaming Play

Cherry Blossom 2021

Cherry Blossom 2021. We have to put on masks whenever not on camera. New “norm”?! 沐浴花海,冬去春來。別人枯木待春 她已曇花一現。

Playing Ugly Roles

I love to play roles that I would/should not in my life. 演員是要演活角色,而不是爭妍鬥麗。

Interviewing Actor Clem Cheung 張鴻坤

In my first zoom interview, Clem Cheung shared many of his funny stories in his acting career. 第一次隔空訪問,張鴻坤的演藝生涯趣事多籮蘿。

Grew 70 Years In A Week

I’ve grown from 18 years old to 81 years old in a week. 上個星期 18歲,今個星期 81 歲。