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“A Peacock Dance” Clips – Fanny Lawren as Mrs Kwon

Clips in “A Peacock Dance”Short Film. Drama. 2019.Directed by Emily Eng. The internal struggles of an Asian American girl who breaks away from traditional values in her local Chinese school.. Mrs. Kwon, played by Fanny Lawren, is a Chinese school teacher. She is disappointed with a student who fails to catch up with the class.

“Fishbone Papers” Clips – Fanny Lawren as Mrs Wu

Clips in “Fishbone Papers”Short Film. Drama. 2019.Directed by Adam Chhour. A young Chinese American struggles with his parents and himself over culture, identity, and expectations. Mrs. Wu, played by Fanny Lawren, is not a “tiger mom,” but she pressures her son to do well even if it makes her seem antagonistic.

“Flushing” Clips – Fanny Lawren as Liz

Clips in “Flushing”Short Film. Silent Drama. 2019.Directed by Jasmine Ding. A woman who chooses not to commit suicide because of her child. Liz, played by Fanny Lawren, is a victim of domestic violence. She is almost losing all hope until she sees her child and gets reminded of her role as a mother.

“Proof” Clip – Fanny Lawren as Claire

著名《 Proof 求證》話劇,四海劇社改編粵話,在美國紐約公演。劉影.梵影 飾演家姐 Claire. Theatre Play. Drama. Abrons Arts Center NY. 2017.
Produced by Four Seas Players. Directed by Lai Yee Fung. The play concerns Catherine, the daughter of a recently deceased mathematical genius in his fifties and professor at the University of Chicago, and her struggle with mathematical genius and mental illness. . Claire,… Read More »“Proof” Clip – Fanny Lawren as Claire