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“Help Desk” Live-Streaming Play

I will be in the live-streaming play “HELP DESK” May 14-16.

我下月會在網上直播話劇《服務台》演出,又是一部爆笑喜劇。5月14-16日,CAST A 三場英語,全球可在Zoom上觀看。


When you call the help desk, you’re looking for a solution – but your problems might just be beginning. Whether you’re getting shamed about your inability to log in, giving your credit card information to a scammer, or having serious conversations with a clown, customer service calls spiral into absurdity for the customers and employees alike in this hilarious comedy written by Don Zolidis, directed by Alice Camarota.

The AlphaNYC will be presenting Help Desk live over zoom. Tickets are available online via website Tickets are $10 per person plus a service charge using promo code “2021” until May 7th. On May 7th, using the promo code will only drop the price to $15. On May 14th, using the promo code will only drop the price to $20. One hour before showtime, the promo code will not work and all tickets will be $25.


  • Friday May 14th at 7:00EST Cast A
  • Saturday May 15th at 9:00EST Cast A
  • Sunday May 16th at 4:30EST Cast A
  • Friday May 14th at 9:00EST Cast B
  • Saturday May 15th at 7:00EST Cast B
  • Sunday May 16th at 6:30EST Cast B

Cast A

  • Emmy Dell’Orfano
  • Ducky Ducey
  • Greg Melly
  • Conor Sheehan
  • Harley Brooks
  • Maureen Ferguson
  • Frank Di Napoli
  • Fanny Lawren
  • Hayley Meyer
  • Dwanna Hayden
  • K. Becky Meredith
  • Sara Mattison
  • John Yang
  • Tricia Pisarra
  • Victoria Murdoch
  • Shranna Jagger
  • Brittany Passaro
  • Emily Thamm
  • Gaston Leguizamon
  • Clara Tan
  • Tamarah Ashton
  • Lindsay Smith
  • Olivia Kraus
  • Candee Kramer
  • Len Breslow
  • Naimah Graham

Cast B

  • Victoria Liu
  • Sarena Danielle
  • Michael Chu-A-Kong
  • Darrin Husk
  • Tatiana Brown
  • Ellen Schott
  • Tom Wendling
  • Jim Hamilton
  • Bernardo Valdez
  • Arkira Chantaratananond
  • Kelley Lord
  • Cheli Smith
  • Tom Rothacker
  • Jared Mongeau
  • Katherine L Black
  • Victoria Balkaran
  • Joanna Wooten
  • Tianna Alley
  • John Tyler Schmitt
  • Aimee Thrasher
  • Janine Wolfe
  • Carolyn Rubido
  • Charlotte Forster
  • Eric Modyman
  • Ellie Ellington

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