Museum of Science In Boston 波士頓科學館

The Museum of Science in Boston is my new favor! It is by far the best science museum I have been to so far. I might have taken pictures in the Science Behind Pixar exhibition only. But trust me, it has way more than that. Check out their website.



Edna Mode in The Incredibles. 《超人總動員/超人特攻隊》的 E夫人/莫衣娜
Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story. 《玩具總動員》的 巴斯光年
Dory in Finding Nemo. 《海底總動員》的 多莉 
Wall-E in Wall-E. 《機器人總動員/太空奇兵威E/瓦力》
Sulley and Mike in Monsters, Inc. 《怪獸電力公司》的 薩利 和 麥克爾  

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