Reading at SRFF Script Competition

Practicing for the 2021 Zoom Reading of the SRFF (SR Socially Relevant Film Festival) Script Competition’s Finalist Scripts.

Please check us out. It is FREE. You can read the log-lines of this year’s finalist scripts on the SRFF Scriptwriting Finalists webpage.
WHEN – Monday March 15th, 5:30 pm (EST)
WHERE – On Zoom (Anywhere you want)

“I PROMISE YOU THIS” by Todd G. Sorrell
An Air Force Sergeant and mixed race young man take on anti-gay policies, workplace and domestic hostilities, and even the threat of terminal illness to win at love.

Narrator: Bettina Bilger
Liling – Michelle Miners
Tex – Philipe Preston
Monroe Weatherton – Brian Faherty
Meghan – Paula Rossman
Shane – Ethan Ingle
Shy Airman – Tirosh Schneider
Adam Holland – Paul Walling
Paula – Brooke Vianey
Junjie – Alex Oh

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