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Interviewing Actor Clem Cheung 張鴻坤

In my first zoom interview, Clem Cheung shared many of his funny stories in his acting career. 第一次隔空訪問,張鴻坤的演藝生涯趣事多籮蘿。

Reading at SRFF Script Competition

Practicing for the 2021 Zoom Reading of the SRFF (SR Socially Relevant Film Festival) Script Competition’s Finalist Scripts. Please check us out. It is FREE. You can read the log-lines of this year’s finalist scripts on the SRFF Scriptwriting Finalists webpage.WHEN – Monday March 15th, 5:30 pm (EST)WHERE – On Zoom (Anywhere you want)INFO &… Read More »Reading at SRFF Script Competition

Home Studio in New York City

My 6×6 office at the corner of my apartment in New York City. 搬回紐約市,在家工作。麻雀雖小,五臟俱全。家居淺窄,請莫見笑。

“Jackie” Clip – Fanny Lawren as Mei Li (Voice Over)

Clips in “Jackie”Short Film. Drama. 2019.Directed by Josh Leung. An Asian-American college student who refuses to speak Chinese struggles to stay in touch with his mother, who doesn’t speak good English. Mei Li, played by Fanny Lawren (English and Mandarin voiceover), feels immense guilt for not being able to speak English well. She feels like… Read More »“Jackie” Clip – Fanny Lawren as Mei Li (Voice Over)