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阿根廷 Recoleta 墓園

事煩偷空飛到阿根廷靜心,來到位於首都布宜諾斯艾利斯的 Recoleta 墳場。這兒上萬的大大小小墓穴,各具特色,每一個都是藝術品,細緻且具歴史意義。一整個下午,我沈澱在美麗墓園的寧靜平和,聯想到人生種種。若然能夠把死亡括出去,自然什麼都會看通、看透、看化。

Recoleta Cemetery at Buenos Aires, Argentina
Never had I enjoyed a cemetery visit that much. It is beautiful, peaceful, comforting and inspiring.

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