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“Cooking with Stuy” #4 Samosas – Fanny Lawren as Facilitator

Cooking with Stuy! Fanny Lawren has been hosting virtual cooking show for fundraising of Stuyvesant High School in New York City. Each episode we learn a new international dish. In this episode, we are going to learn how to cook a universally beloved South Asian snack, Samosas! 跟我學煮著名印度咖哩角!每個月我都會在網上主持烹餁節目,為紐約史岱文森高中 籌款。今集將會烹製印度咖哩角,簡單可口的小食,不要錯過。

Cooking with Stuy – Lunar New Year Golden Dumpling

Stuy live streaming cooking demo “Lunar New Year Golden Dumpling” on Zoom. Featuring chiefs: Mark Young, Yang Qi Lou, Henry Wallace, Ting Yu, Ms Maggio and Mrs Maggio. 史岱文森高中線上直播「賀年烹餁示範:黃金餃子」