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Full time: China/US Business Consultant, specialized in Travel, Education, Cultural & Economic Development.
Part time: Actress / Model / Podcaster (member of SAG-AFTRA)
Free time: Content Developer / Show Host
Life time: Mother of three / Lifelong Learner

從事:中美顧問 / 資源整合/ 創意策劃,包括 旅遊、教育、文化、政商
副業演員 / 模特 / 播客 (美國演員工會會員)
業餘媒體創作 / 節目主持
全職:孩子母親 / 終生學習


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Fanny Lawren in the roles. 梵影的角色演繹

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Fanny Lawren on camera. 鏡頭之下的梵影

The ancient Chinese philosophy and strategies guide great leaders worldwide to succeed in negotiating deals, growing businesses, and managing resources. They can also help YOU in everyday life too. Fanny Lawren will tell you how.

In podcast Ancient Wisdom for Everyone, not only will Fanny translate and explain the original Chinese quotes into English, she would also cite historical examples, give you some business case studies, and demonstrate how the themes apply to current events.

Listen to Fanny Lawren’s podcast Ancient Wisdom for Everyone to learn how ancient Chinese wisdom can help to reach your goals and enhance your life quality. The Art of WarThe Thirty-Six StratagemsThe Analects of ConfuciusTao Te Ching are more fun and useful than you think.




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What is going on with Fanny Lawren? 梵影的近況

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